We use Ryko’s FoamBrite Wash Material which includes, a multitude of features that allows Diamond Car Wash to offer the best and safest “clean” in the industry.

The FoamBrite Wash Material includes 100% patented and exclusive lightweight, closed-cell polymer cleaning material that is virtually waterproof and designed to prevent dirt from accumulating on the brushes. The FoamBrite wash system combines brush speed, surface pressure, wash material density and lubricity application to provide the highest quality wash and we are the only wash in the metro that has the "Scrub Scrub" feature so that makes our wash different.

You can now use your phone to pay! Look for QR codes to scan to easily pay for your services at our Automatics & Self-Serves.



$2 for 5 Minutes

Fragrance Machine

(Wild Cherry, Black Ice, Cinnamon)

$1 for 2 Minutes

Carpet Shampoo Machine

$3 for 6 Minutes

Vending Products are ALL $1.00

Armor All

Glass Cleaner

Truck Towels

Self Service Bays 

$3.75 for 4 Minutes

Accepts Quarters, WashCards, Visa, and Mastercard Credit Cards.

Self-Serve Bays feature:

  • Tire and Engine Cleaner
  • Bug Remover
  • Hot Medium Pressure Presoak (to loosen road film)
  • Triple Color Foaming Brush
  • Hot High-Pressure Soap
  • High-Pressure Rinse
  • Carnauba Foaming Wax
  • Hot High-Pressure Clear Coat Protectant 
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • High-Velocity Dryer



Diamond Car Wash reserves the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice.